Messa di Voce Studio

Available options
To schedule lessons or auditions / assessment:
you can a message requesting to schedule a lession or group of lessons or use the link below to book via facebook. paypal is the preferred method of payment for both face to face and long distance (via Skype, HAngouts, etc) 

Where do i go?


Available Plan Options for study:

  • Single 45 minute lesson
  • Monthly 45 minute lessons package - pay for 3, get the 4th as a bonus, for a weekly lesson plan of study. Restrictions apply.
  • Single 1 hr lesson (suitable for advance students only).
  • Monthly 1 hr lesson package (restrictions as above).
  • Membership required to take advantage of discounted prices.
  • Currently, auditions are only available to students with a serious interest in performing at least at a semiprofessional level. For acceptance of prospective students into the Messa di Voce Studio; we highly recommend demos, referrals or recommendations from students, producers, or voice teachers of the aspiring student. A waiting list might be in place at times. Students will be expected to do their part in their training, following healthy voice practices and conducting themselves in a professional manner. Failure to comply might result in dismissal from the studio.

If you are interested in studying with us, or just exploring the possibility, please proceed by contacting us first. Do not try to book or pay for lessons without prior approval. 


send a message

3110 Avenue J, Brooklyn, NY 11210

(718) 708-6246

(718) 450-1915 (mobile) *preferred


Other options could be private lessons online (Skype) or in some cases, groups. 

Our primary Location
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