let your voice soar to the heavens

Messa di Voce Studio


Ushi Blumenberg


Every chazzan has his story. Mine began at the tender age of nine. While listening to a recording from Yosselle Rosenblatt singing "Elokai Neshama" I was transported into a world which would very soon become my own. Chazzanus was never new to me; I stem from a rich lineage of singers and cantors. My grandfather, Shimon Blumenberg A"H, was a professional chazzan. On my mother's side, my great-grandfather, Yitzchak Strom A"H, was also a chazzan, renowned for his bass baritone voice. My dream of becoming a professional cantor didn't seem so far away...

As a bachur, through continuously listening to the master cantors of the golden age-Rosenblatt, Hershman, Kwartin, Pinchik, Glantz, Koussevitzky-my talent and ability were nurtured and I acquired many unique skills.  I frequently sang at simchas and thrilled many audiences who recognized and predicted a prodigious future for me. 

I officially began training at age thirteen. At seventeen, while learning in a Yeshiva in Monsey, New York, I took a year of cantorial studies under Yaakov Yitzchak Lipshitz, a talmid of Cantor Moshe Koussevitzky. At eighteen, I became a member of The Young Israel Beth-El Choir under the leadership of Shimmy Miller. I have gained tremendously from my choir experiences and am in close association with Chazzan Benzion Miller. Chazzan Miller has guided me with his encyclopedic knowledge of nusach and chazzanus. 

For many years, I was under the expert voice tutelage of Mr. Eitan Rosa who has enabled me to expand and develop my vocal range and abilities, allowing me to reach my childhood goals. In addition, I used Carl Olsen, who was a famous opera singer, as a voice coach and performance mentor.

Recently, due to numerous requests, I have begun to give voice lessons to people who would like to train to become singers/cantors.  Chazzanus is my life, and I love every part of it. It's a passion that runs very deep, straight to my soul. Though it would be a lie to say that it is always easy, my efforts are greatly rewarded when I see my audience awe-inspired, wiping away a tear or two. I fervently thank Hashem for granting me this unbelievable talent and for enabling me to climb the ladder of my career while bringing joy to others.